A BrainPOP classroom is full of measurable outcomes

measurable outcomes

As a regular part of the classroom experience, research shows BrainPOP improves literacy skills in ways you can see, hear, and track.

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BrainPOP has a presence in over two-thirds of U.S. districts and an estimated reach of 25 million students annually.

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Explore studies, reports, and more on how BrainPOP is proven to build background knowledge and improve literacy skills for every student.

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Transform middle schoolers into engaged scientists

Our newest product complements any middle school science curriculum and provides ready-to-use investigations and assessments. Built-in scaffolds support middle school students while they examine phenomena, make observations, and construct explanations.


Empower your instruction with teacher reports

Teachers need data-driven insights, and we’ve enhanced their dashboards with new ways to dig deeper into student performance. Learn more about how you can now track growth towards grade-level proficiency in essential literacy skills.

Professional learning for teachers

We offer customized professional development courses in addition to ongoing workshops, events, and on-demand resources for educators.

Ongoing supportfor district partners

Seamless integrations

BrainPOP fits into any classroom with compatibility to SSOs including Clever, Classlink, and Google.

We're your partner in creating and tracking learning outcomes in BrainPOP classrooms district-wide. 

Custom curriculum alignments

We’ll work with you to develop curriculum maps and standards-aligned teaching resources to reach your district-wide goals.

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Helping educators transform their classrooms

If I had to choose only one digital tool to employ in the classroom, BrainPOP wins hands down—the games, Primary Sources, quizzes, movies with Pause Points, etc. I believe it is a powerful, meaningful tool accessible to students, teachers, and parents.

Creative Coding, Make-a-Map, Make-a-Movie, and gamification . . . These playful assessments can redefine classroom instruction and the culture within a classroom, removing some of the anxiety that comes with traditional assessments.

BrainPOP Science is an excellent tool . . . [it] enables students to be scientists and investigate phenomena using the format of CER to guide the learning. The lessons are filled with amazing visuals, engaging videos, relevant and interesting experiences, and strong instructional strategies where all students can see themselves in the content.

Lisa DiGangi
Evesham Township School District, NJ

Patricia Boguslaw
Komarek SD 94, IL

Deborah Metzer
Instructional Coach
Charleston County, SC

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